Custom Tee Shirts From Clothing Manufacturers

In the last few years, China has positioned as the leading clothing manufacturers. If you want to custom tee shirts,there are many good tee shirt suppliers in China. when you place tee shirts order to Chinese clothing manufacturers, a number of factors are favoring you. These factors have been part of a deliberate effort on your end to create a conducive climate for your clients.
1.Know your products

This should be the starting point when looking for the right tee shirts suppliers You will know the tee shirts products well if you have conducted thorough market research. This will also help you save on money and time.

The following questions are important when you want to choose the right tee shirts product: what the tastes and preferences of your customers, do the customers have added features that they want to be incorporated and the number of pieces they are placing orders for. The questions will be important as they will form the basis for pricing. Simple designs will likely cost less while complicated ones will be highly priced.

If the client is not sure about what they want or they do not have funds to conduct market research, it is important that they contact clothing manufacturers.

2.Better terms of payment

In any business or industry, cash remains the king. The working capital cycle needs to be shortened as much as possible. Working capital cycle, expressed in days, is the period that it takes to convert inventory, liabilities into cash. From the time of placing an tee shirts order to the point of delivering and subsequent sale should not be too long. This is to avoid starving your business of the crucial cash that is needed to finance the operations.

Secondly, several payment options are available. Wire transfers remain the most common one. We advise our clients to make payments earlier to take care of any time differences in case they are based overseas. For importers, there are also letters of credit (LC). LC has been defined as the commitment payment by the importer’s bank. It is in a way a financing guarantee. Another financing option is the open account arrangement. OA is where documents relating to shipping of the merchandise are given to the importer since the bank has made a commitment to make payments at a future date. In the case of OA, the bank is the remitting agent.

3.Exchange rate fluctuations

We fully understand the impact that the exchange rate can have on the operations of your business. If not well mitigated against, significant the exchange rate fluctuations can seriously eat into your profits. In case you notice that the exchange rate has fallen considerably, we recommend that you revert to us so that we renegotiate the price. In this way, you are able to cushion yourself against the foreign exchange fluctuation.

4.New product designs

Tee shirts is part of the fashion industry and keeping up with the latest trends is important. As the clothing manufacturers, we endeavor to have information that is not only timely but also accurate. We have a strong research and development team that is continuously looking for emerging issues in the fashion industry. Once the latest trends have been identified, we advise our clients to make the necessary changes. In the event that they do not agree with the suggestions that we are putting forward, we stick to their designs.

Another important source of information on product development is a robust customer feedback mechanism that we have put in place. The responses received will essentially be an overview of the market. Recently, we are sending booklets that have information on the products that will be released in the coming quarters. This will help the clients to also give us their feedback.